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Privacy Policy

Tunet Hemavan AB protects your personal privacy. This policy is based on current data protection legislation and explains how we collect and use personal data. We also describe your rights and how you can enforce them.

This information applies to you who become a customer with us or who contact us for various reasons. You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about how we process your personal data.

What is personal data and what is the processing of personal data?

Personal data is all data about a living natural person that can be directly or indirectly linked to that person. It is not just about names and social security numbers but also about, for example, photos and e-mail addresses.

Processing of personal data is everything that happens with the personal data in the IT systems, regardless of whether it is mobile devices or computers. These include collection, registration, structuring, storage, processing and transfer. In some cases, manual registers may also be included.

Personal data manager

For the processing that takes place within Tunet's operations, Tunet Hemavan AB (corporate identity number 556683-6358) is responsible for personal data. Address Tunet Hemavan AB, Kvarnstensvägen 1, 925 93 Hemavan.

What personal information do we store about you, why and with what support?

We process the information you provide to us, such as name, social security number, contact information and dietary requirements, in connection with your booking with us.

We process your personal data to:

  • Make a reservation.

  • Be able to identify yourself as a customer, e.g. when completing your booking.

  • Charge for your booking. If you choose to pay by invoice, with or without partial payment, we also handle personal information about you together with our partners for payment solutions.

  • Possibly detect and prevent fraud in connection with your payment.

  • Manage and deliver what you have purchased in accordance with our purchase and booking conditions.

  • Contact you in case of any changes in the booking.

  • Send out arrival and facility-related information such as times, menus, changes.

  • Market our products, e.g. via e-mail, SMS or other electronic communication.

  • Compile statistics for the development of the business.

  • Completed contact details of foreign guests are stored for 3 months according to the law.

For companies:

When you make any kind of communication with us as a business customer regarding, e.g. quotation for conference, cooperation agreement, we also handle:

  • Billing and contract information.

  • Contact information and personal information to e.g. you and the company you represent.

When you get in touch and communicate with us

There are many different ways you can communicate and contact us. for example through social media, phone or email. When you communicate with us, we handle information that you have provided to us.

We handle:

  • Name and contact information

  • Information about your point of view, question or matter

  • We handle this personal information to:

    • Answer your questions and handle your case, e.g. remedy errors and handle complaints.

    • To be able to handle your booking or request.

    • To be able to improve our services and the information we provide and publish via our website.


Personal data assistants

In some situations, it is necessary for us to hire other parties. For example, various booking programs where we handle all our bookings. They are then personal data assistants to us. We check these personal data assistants to ensure that they guarantee the security and confidentiality of the personal data, and that they only process the personal data for the purposes specified. Our personal data assistants are Jupiter (booking system), Wix (contact forms and newsletter at website) and Fortnox (financial system).

Actors who are independently responsible for personal data

When we hire other actors for activities, guided tours and transports, we may need to share your personal information. These are then independently responsible for personal data, and then that organization's privacy policy and personal data management apply.


How long do we store your personal information?

We only store your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the respective purposes of the personal data processing or as long as it is required according to statutory storage times. 

What are your rights as a registrant?

As a registered person, you have a number of rights under current legislation. You have the right to receive an extract showing what personal information we have registered about you. You can request the correction of incorrect information and in some cases deletion. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, as well as request a restriction on how your personal data may be handled.

If you are dissatisfied with how we process your personal data, you can also complain to the Data Inspectorate.
Contact us with questions about how we process personal data;

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