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By car

The most common mode of transport to Hemavan is via your own car. The international tourist route "Blå vägen" passes through Hemavan and is one of Scandinavia's most beautiful stretches. In high season it can be well trafficked, so take it carefully behind the wheel. 

For those of you who are interested in renting a car on site, it can be done via Mabi.

By plane

The local airport is a stone's throw from Tunet. Many guests come to us with the ski bag on their shoulders, to check in and start their stay in Hemavan. You get from Arlanda to Hemavan in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Welcome!

Here you book your flight -
More info: Hemavan Tärnaby Airport

By train or bus

From Umeå to Hemavan it is possible to take a bus. Länstrafiken Västerbotten offers daily trips from Umeå, by Lycksele and Storuman to Tärnaby and Hemavan. Along the way you will enjoy landscapes with streams, mountains and rapids. When you arrive, it is possible to hop off the bus next to Tunet. Read more and book at Länstrafiken.

Stockholm-Hemavan by bus has been operated by Lapplandspilen. A journey that takes about 14 hours with several stops on the way. Due to the pandemic, these tours were canceled, so keep an eye for 2023 if new tours are planned.

By train from Stockholm to Hemavan, you can make a combination with train and bus. Either first by train from Stockholm - Östersund, and then by bus to Storuman and then to Hemavan. The other alternative is a train from Stockholm - Umeå, and then a bus to Hemavan. Read more and book at SJ.


By foot

In summer, guests come on foot, either from the classic Kungsleden or from the newly inaugurated Lapplandsleden. Regardless of the weather, the walking guests are always warmly welcomed to Tunet's farm and accommodation. Here they can dry up wet hiking clothes, replenish their food supply and enjoy a good night in comfortable beds.

With skis

In Hemavan, it is crowded with skiers on both the length and the slope. The yard's proximity to both piste slopes and cross-country trails means that we often get guests who appreciate the proximity to their favorite activity.

By snowmobile

In winter it happens that our guests also arrive with a scooter and light packing. Usually they have traveled a couple of hours or a full day and come to us to spend the night and do a day and evening in Hemavan. The snowmobile guests usually come from nearby mountain areas such as Ammarnäs, Kittelfjäll or the Arjeplogs mountains.

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