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Here there are views and beautiful nature. Welcome to Tunet


Kvarnstensvägen 1| 925 93 Hemavan | | Phone: 0954-305 00


Tunet (formerly Trolltunet) is a popular facility in the middle of the village of Hemavan. Here we have created memories in generations, for both companies and individuals.

Here you can find local guides, 55 beds in hotel rooms and apartments as well as a restaurant and conference room. And close to us you can find the airport, trails and slopes. Everything needed for a wonderful stay, regardless of the season.

Since 2021, Tunet has been a part of AM Group, family-owned with the roots in Västerbotten. We care about the village Hemavan and share a respect for a sustainable nature. Warm welcome to create more mountain memories together with us.



'enclosure; courtyard '

An old word for yard or fenced pasture. A yard that occurs when buildings are placed so close that they form a spatial community. Just like that, we want our guest to experience Tunet.

All the shifts of nature

“This combination of a lot of water and mountains all around, I think it is unique. There are so many dimensions in nature that give variations and colors that change during the day. You can never get it in front of a screen. ”

Stig Strand, guide

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